5 Empolyee Perks Every Modern Millenial Business Must Have

Attracting new workers and excellent workers into your company will take some work. Your HR and recruiting department will need to look for and vet candidates, your marketing will need to increase your visibility, and you will need to have a workplace with longevity. Along with a good workplace and good compensation, you should also have employee perks programs in place, with the help of a company like Perks Express. Here are five perks that ever modern business should have to attract millennial employees.

1. Housing discounts

If you are bringing people from all over the state or country to your workplace, you should consider linking with housing complexes and property management companies for luxury apartments. they can offer you a prefered employer discount for your workers. These complexes can offer your employees a discounted rate for rent, plus make it easier for your employees to be accepted.

2. Hotel discounted rates

Millenial’s have a high desire to travel and see other countries. Most will splurge in select areas, while try to save a little bit on airfare and hotel rooms. If you want to encourage your employees to travel and provide them with aid, seek out hotel discounted rates. This will also help provide you with more well rounded employees in the end.

3. Lower mobile and internet costs

Staying in touch and being able to work from home is a perk that most employees desire in the workforce. Make it possible and lower your own overhead by finding discounts through Internet providers and mobile phone carriers. You may be able to reduce your own bills for the office by getting an employer discount set up.

4. Free lunch

Keep your empolyees with full minds and a full stomach. A catered lunch regularly will keep your employees happy, plus keep many in office during lunch time. This is a great way to keep the creativity flowing, plus help your employees keep a bit more of thier paychecks. Consider having different shops or a main catering firm bring lunch each day.

5. Discounted hair styling

Spending a lot of time at work doesnt mean that employees want to skimp on their looks. One unique employer perk can be discountd or even free haircuts. Having a workforce that looks good is best for the employees themselves, plus the image of the company. Looking good often provides more confidence, plus makes people feel more satisfied. Set up a discounted or free rate in an agreemwnt with a styling firm to offer your employees cheap self indulgence.