The Most Important Detials Of A Well-Designed Professional Envelope

Each and every time you reach out to a client, customer, or business associate through the mail, you are sending out an impression about you and your business. You could always wrap your sent documents in a run-of-the-mill envelope that you pick up in bulk at the office supply store, but it is a much better idea to go with custom-designed, high-quality envelopes. Taking the time to place an order for well-designed envelopes for your business will make all the difference when it comes to sending out a professional impression to every recipient. There are a handful of pertinent features you should make sure you include when you are choosing the best envelopes.

1. Heavy Stock Construction – There is nothing that sounds professional about receiving an envelope in the mail that is thin and floppy. Make sure the envelopes you choose for your company are strong and durable, which will keep the mail inside protected from bends and rain, but will also ensure your customers get a good impression about your efforts as a business.

2. Printed Return Address – If there is one thing that is crucial about business mail, it is to make sure the recipient knows immediately who the mail came from when it lands in their mailbox. You should have your business envelopes printed clearly with a return address. You could even include your own personal business logo somewhere on the envelope, such as on the seal flap, for an added touch.

3. Simple Peel-and-Stick Features – Envelopes that have a glue strip that has to be moistened can be a hassle to mess with on a large scale. You will either be left licking envelopes by the dozen or using a moistened sponge to seal off every piece of mail sent. It is much more professional to go with a peel-and-stick feature on your envelopes and will likely speed up large-scale mailing efforts.

4. Security Lining – You do not want anything that you send out to your customers or associates to be visible through the envelope. Keep yours and your recipient’s information protected by opting for security-lined envelopes that perfectly conceal the information inside. The security lining may be anything from a solid, foil inner layer to a patterned layer that makes it impossible to read through the envelope, but either way, your recipients are sure to appreciate the extra security measure.

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