Tips To Help You Whittle Down Your Possessions Before A Move

Letting go of items you’ve had for a long time is difficult, even if you don’t use them anymore. Sometimes it takes a bit of setup to help you figure out which items to leave behind. Use these tricks to help you whittle down your possessions easily. 

Make a Vision Board

Create a vision board or other similar exercise can help you to focus on what you want your new space to look like. You could choose color palettes or a style for your new space. Any items that don’t fit in with the theme may need to go. It’s easier to get serious about creating a style when you’re starting over in a new place. 

Be Conservative With Your Moving Van

You can give yourself an easy incentive to cut down your possessions by choosing a conservatively-sized moving van. When your moving company estimates the size truck you need, be sure to choose the smallest size. This way, you won’t have a lot of leeway and be able to easily back down on cleaning out your inventory. If you really end up feeling uncomfortable, climate controlled storage units can help you store your extra stuff easily while you figure out if it’s really worth shipping to your destination. For more information or assistance with this, contact storage companies like North Star Mini Storage.

Find Out Whether You Use It

There may be items around the house that you haven’t used in a long time. You can do a simple exercise to find out what those items are. Place a dot on every item in your house, and then take the dot off whenever you need to use that item. Whatever is left with a dot when you start to pack should be considered for donation or the dumpster. 

Do Some Cost/Benefit Analyses

If you really can’t decide whether an item is worth taking, do a cost benefit analysis to see whether it’s worth the space in your van. First, calculate how much of the moving van the item will take up and give it a dollar amount out of the total move cost. Then, estimate how much you could buy a similar item for. If the amounts are close to equal, then you might want to leave the item behind and pick up something new where you’re going. Old furniture and other large items often don’t hold up to scrutiny when you do this kind of evaluation. 

Keeping moving costs low is a priority for many movers. Aside from choosing an affordable and efficient moving company, cutting down the amount of stuff you need to haul can greatly affect your moving costs.